Sonntag, 8. Mai 2016

all our wars
blossom wind

failed haiku

Every word counts and is powerful in this haiku. The pacing is also effective. Having “lost” as the second line shocks us and makes us stop. The juxtaposition is also effective. Blossoms are beautiful, unlike wars, but both blossoms and wars get lost in the wind: blossoms in natural wind, and wars in the winds of hate, vanity, anger, and jealously.

The big difference is that blossoms are innocent, and though they are spread randomly and carried off, they give no harm. I believe this haiku is a call to be innocent and sweet like blossoms in the winds of life. It also has a distinct feeling, which is important, as haiku are about feeling, ultimately.

This haiku is a bit indescribable, as haiku should be.

– Nicholas Klacsanzky


  1. I've just discovered your work at failed haiku. This one is my favorite so far, but I hope to get to know your work better.

  2. Thank you Bill!
    I am glad you like this haiku.
    Hope to meet you here again .....